• After carefully studying the nutritional properties in each ingredient, we began to design our healing elixirs combining finest of raw foods, drawn from ancient folk wisdom that are vibrant and vitamin-rich. Exotic herbal teas are collected from around the globe.
    They are Caffeine free, Organic & the Best. Learn in depth about our exotic nourishing ingredients on vegetables fruits spices nuts teas

  • FINE products need the best practices.

    PURE No supplements, additives or preservatives. We choose to keep our healing juices unadulterated.

  • Cleanse . Nourish . Heal

    With the very best Mother Earth has to offer.

    Every Receipe is naturopathically Designed and Created using healing and detoxing ingredients.


    Organic Ingredients

    No Additives/supplements

    Filled With PURE LIFE FORCE

    Each day of your cleanse you will consume

    • 7:30am - Lemon Spice
    • 2:30pm - Fruit juice
    • 9:00am - Variety
    • 5:00pm - Variety
    • 10:30am - Tea
    • 7:00pm - Variety
    • 12:30pm - Soup
    • 8:00pm - Tea

    *Variety = Green Juice, Nut Milk, Pomogranate Hemp, Beet Green, Ayur Juice, Carrot High, Apple Spice, etc.

    Our Menu changes occasionally & seasonally. Who doesn't love variety.

    Keep refrigerated

    can be heated

    Alter times according to when you wake up. If you consume a beverage early or late, not to worry. Its's important to listen to your body and adjust the timeline to best support you.