Our Environment provides us with everything the mind and body needs for survival and well-being.
Our passion for cleansing and organic nourishment stems from a deep connection to returning to our roots.
At Cleanse High, we hold ourselves responsible for taking care of Mother Nature in return. We ensure minimal wastage production, plastic free and recycle friendly packaging.
We hope you will help us in our endeavor of a compassionate and protective cleansing process of the environment and the body.

We Do

We choose glass bottles over plastic, to keep you safe from BPA and our landfills plastic free. Juices are lot better when stored in glass to keep the freshness intact.

Raw & Organic
With each batch we make, we do our very best to use only organic fresh produce. Once a plant is harvested, it is still living tissue and can often still be seen to ripen or bloom. Chopping, blending and cold-pressing may alter the ability of the plant to continue to grow, but the cellular composition remains intact – offering cells still brimming with energy and phytonutrients.

Cold Pressed
We use a hydraulic press to slowly extract the juice from our organic vegies. This solid machine slowly presses the produce, breaking down the cell walls to release all of the phytochemicals and nutrients inside, whilst producing minimal oxidation.

No Preservatives
We choose to keep our healing juices unadulterated. No supplement, additives or preservative are add added to your cleanse. Thus, the shelf life of our juices is only 2 days. Like they say " Food that goes bad is good for you. Food that doesn't go bad, is not good for you."