• 1 Day

    Perfect for the "never ever skipped a meal in my whole life" kind of a person.

    A day-long detox, every week as a means of purification and self-discipline, stretches way back in time of Yogis, to cleanse ad thus rejuvenate the body. We recommend this to anyone joining the first detox ever band wagon, or even just as a weekly cleansing routine. It goes down easy and is alkalizing & refreshing.

    one day plan


    Seeker - Rs.1300/-

  • 3 Days

    A ritual of deep rejuvenation to feel new.

    At the end of this regime you will discover mental clarity, experience boosted energy, cleaner organs and realize what it feels like to feel good from inside!

    three day plan


    Sage - Rs.3900/-

  • 6 Days

    A holistic reboot with nourishing tonics and a guided food plan.

    During this extended fast, your body removes: dead, dying and diseased cells; unwanted fatty tissue, acids, toxic waste matter in the lymphatic system, bloodstream, spleen, liver and kidney.

    A perfect teamwork of liquids & solid foods to promote a stronger immune system. Nourish with just the right foods.



    Nirvana - Rs.6700/-