“Cleanse is Amazing! Rejuvenates the body and keeps it light! And surprising the detox is a happy one because the drinks are tasty! And I plan on doing it every two months.” Neha Ravi

“Iam very happy, I love your juices except morning pain and headache everything is good.” Sarvy

“Teas can taste better. Nut Milk & Soup are Yummy. Healthy detox routine. Felt clear skin on Day 4. A little pricey.” Ranganath Chary

“The Ingredients for the 1day detox was very well selected, good work as it felt refreshing good.” Manoj

“Doing great. Hanging in there, So far I enjoyed all of the juices.” Subha Chaganti

“I first tried a Cleanse High &I was surprised at how much energy it gave me. The effects of the cleanse go way beyond weight-loss. I found I had so much mental clarity during and afterwards.” Avinash Muppa

“Thanks, Cleansehigh, Wonderful drinks, great experience.” Kumar Deepam

“Fasting for first time ever. Crazy headache on Day 1 but refreshing and calm on Day 2 & Day 3. Later learned that headaches are a sign of body detoxing bad stuff. Great experience. Am making this a habit!” Sowjanya

“I do a cleanse any time I feel overloaded or need to give my system a break. I actually crave the Green Juices and the Nut Milk!” Rohan Reddy

“I like all drinks except tea, but I guess its more Productive, Nut milk is rich, Love the cleanse, keep it up.” Vijay

“Was on a 2 Day Detox. Felt so lite. Great taste. Good Work Cleanse High.” Ramya

“I love the Green Juice when I need my veggies on the go! I wish i can get it everyday CH.” Rammy

“They are Amazing and good to taste, cleanse my bad habit.” Vaibhav

“I usually go for MINI as i cant stay with food. Its a good routine to be on. Cut down sugars and put in vitamins without much effort from our side. Thanks to the idea.” Dr.Deepti Reddy

“After a few decades of treating my body like a trash can, CH Detox was just what I needed to kick start a sane, restorative year. I am Happy with your juices. Quiet.” Prashanthi

“Had a good session. Soup was good filler. May be its good to have it in the last. Taste of milk and lavendar tea was just bearable. Overall good experience.” Sidhartha

“Easy Nutrition. Wonderful Cleansing Method. Thanks CH for introducing this to the food hogger s like us.” Rupa Mehta

“It was nice to detox. Felt a little dizzy in the evening but not that miserable.” Vinay

“So far so good! Your juices taste fantastic and I feel good.” Sandya

“Innovative & Tasty. Best Regime for Foodies. I had a great time cleansing. I'm used to fasting so has been breezy. % Day Detox Next Time.” Rajesh Ravi

“Detox was good. It was a refreshing experience.” Ramakrishna